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Mye Jurnel Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in the "come_2_mama" journal:
February 23rd, 2005
10:29 pm


THIS IS A UPDATE FOR ALL OF THE HOEZ (and maybe some segulls too.)

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November 3rd, 2004
11:00 pm




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August 28th, 2004
09:36 pm


okay everyone listen the fuck up! YOU HEARD ME SWEETCHEEKS :-0.

this journal is HOTTIES ONLY, so i dont want any weirdo ugly freaks reading this gold. So down to tha real stuff.

today i got a new Tv and i also drew a new one too so that i am much cooler and better now. this is the picture of my new tv. yes.

today my wife made really shitty waffles so i got sooo fuckin angry and upset and emo so i died my hair black I and then i chucked my son at my new plasma wide screen tv and made a giant bonfire in my front lawn and burned all my clothing while screaming the lyrics to "the rules" by ben kweller. my gay ass neighbor, mrs. nancy (but since today i like to call her 'mrs. nazicrotch' hahaha) told me to put the fire out, it was scaring her lips. so, i was like "pssh fine i'll put it out" so i took a glass of water and poured it onto the giant fire and it didn't go out so i was like, "whoops! the fire didnt go out! i guess you can go home now!" and mrs. nancy was like "ok..." and she scampered home and i stayed there on my lawn staring at the clouds go by until the sun went down and it started to rain, and my fire went out.

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August 4th, 2004
06:41 pm


whattttt the hELLLL happened today! i fuckin saw this fuckin whacked out crow and it was all like WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! not like that, you mothafuckin perverts! parrrrvarrrtttss ok so NEWAYZ! it was like whack whack whack all over the place so i decided to get in on the action NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERTS thats not funny! it wasnt funny at all! then my mom came out side to join in. GOD! STOP! IM HAVING AN EPISODE! ok god, so anyway i am a total muslim so i went inside to pray to allah. and guess who was there? THE FUCKIN WHACKED OUT CROW!. but then i realized it was my kid, jennifer dressed up all whacked and shit and i thought he was a crow. then ol' jen and i boozed a little. but like totally fuckin hold on i gots 2 tells u something like the majority importance. i have to get braces, but like i wanna get a retainer because i hit the big 5-0 like 6 months ago.


Current Mood: raunchy
Current Music: overprotected- britney spears

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July 23rd, 2004
07:33 pm


mye jurnel entrie oney
hey pimps n bitches n hoes n fatties n friends? WASSPI! today i had a conversation with myself, it went a lil something like this:
Phil: you're anorexic
Phil: no, you're anorexic
Phil: you're right, Phil you are anorexic. noone will sleep with you if you're anorexic.
Phil: yeah I'm going to go eat a casserole ttyl.
SO today i beat anorexia. Here's a picture of me and my wife.

this is my old kid, hes not my kid nemore cuz a stork ate his face with its mouth. heres a picture: like this:

i tried 2 save him by shouting "fuck yoo!" but it aint worked.

this is jennifer, my new kid he is still alive :)

jennifer doesnt like bottles, so we give the boy beer.

thats my mom (i think) im not sure which one cuz she gots some plastic surgery, and she did it 2 herself yea man
comment to be added to my new jurnel thankx so much guyz

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